Why Buy Marron?

Many of our customers tell us that growing marron is one of life’s pleasures. Beyond that, there are many benefits of owning marron.

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Buy Marron - Aquarium Fish Friendly?

For the aquarium buyer, electric blue marron add a colourful addition to your tank. They contrast well with the other occupants and because of their shape, character and activity provide a variety to your aquarium experience that you cannot achieve with fish alone.

Their daily activity can provide hours of entertainment and as they are not a burrowing type of crustacean will not upset your formation of the aquarium.

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Marron are Aquarium Fish Friendly

Marron can happily cohabitate with other fish, as you can see from the pictures of our aquariums.

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We have never encountered any problems with having marron living with other types of fish.  Provided that there is adequate room for all occupants and some landscaping within the tank there should be no problems at all.

Problems could arise if your tank is over populated as they are territorial to a certain degree and like to have their own space at times.

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Why Buy Marron for Consumption?

The delicate and subtle flavour of marron ensure that your dining experience will be unique and one to be remembered.  This meat is low in fat and high in calcium; an additional benefit for the healthy minded.

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