Electric Blue Marron - Fantastic Unusual Gifts

Australian marron make fantastic unusual gifts for anyone interested in:

  • Unusual pets for sale that add a dash of colour to their aquarium
  • Eating one of the world’s finest seafoods
  • Developing marron ponds with our breeding marron or juveniles from both our 'flyer' and 'super marron’ range

True Blue Marron are the world’s premier provider of blue marron. We are a family owned and run marron farm, situated in the south west region of Western Australia. Over 12 years, we have developed 30 marron ponds across pristine fresh-water springs, all within the heart of Nannup's natural forest.

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Unusual Pets for Sale - Electric Blue Marron

Unique to certain areas of Western Australia, electric blue marron are a true natural phenomenon and are popular unusual pets for sale. No images can fully portray the full intensity of the blue colour, you have to see them with your own eyes!

Their daily activity will provide hours of entertainment when added to your aquarium. They are not a burrowing type of crustacean, so they will not upset your formation of the aquarium. They also get along well with other aquarium inhabitants without any known problems. As a result, electric blue marron make popular unusual pets for sale for the astute aquarium owner.

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Unusual Gifts - Standard Marron for Eating

Low in fat and with a delicate flavour, marron are highly regarded by chefs all over the world as a fine, palate pleasing seafood. Generally our standard (not blue) marron are sold for consumption purposes, as electric blue marron is rarer and more expensive,  but does not taste significantly different.

The flavour of Australia marron is quite subtle, slightly sweet with nutty overtones and a firm consistency. Marron’s unique flavour and texture will enhance any meal!

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Unusual Pets for Sale - Breeding Marron

Many of our customers tell us that breeding and growing marron is one of life’s pleasures.

In optimum conditions it takes approximately eighteen months to three years for marron to reach their maximum sizes. The size of marron has been known to exceed 2.0kg however most marron sold within the commercial industry weigh between 150-300g.

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