True Blue Marron Stocklist May 2018



Common Name


Cost per animal



 Cherax Cainii- Standard






Freshwater crustaceans grown on the farm. Animals available from 100g through to 600g per animal. Used for both aquariums and within the food industry.

Super Marron breeding pair




200 - 300g

300 - 400g


Per Pair


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Cherax Cainii - Electric Blue


Electric Blue Marron


Also grown on the property. These are an extremely rare species of Cainii grown for their colour and sold mainly within the aquarium market. They make a fantastic display to fresh water aquariums and interact well with goldfish, koi etc. Animals available from 50mm through to 240mm+ per animal.



 50 - 110mm

110 - 130mm female 110 - 130mm male 130 - 160mm male 160 - 180mm male 180 - 210mm male 210 - 240mm males 240+ males


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 Cherax Preissii




 Freshwater crustacean, brown/black in colour with red antenna and large robust claws. Sizes range from 80mm to 150mm in length




Per animal 

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 Cherax Glaber




 Similar to the Preissii, brown spotted in colour. Size range from 50 - 120mm


 Per animal


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Cherax Destructor







Another variety of fresh water crustacean originally from the Eastern States of Australia. Now sourced from the wheatbelt of Western Australia. The Destructor is white/brown in colour and used both for the food and aquarium markets. We specialise in extra large yabbies with colourful claws especially for the aquarium market. Size range from 80 - 140mm






Per animal





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Cherax Albidus




Blue Pearl Yabby




Less vibrant in colour to the electric blue marron and do not grow as large. Size range from 80mm to 140mm





Per animal




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Sizes and Prices
(Australian Dollars)

Within Blue marron pricing M = male animals  and F = female animals 


  1. Please find above example for minimum 3kg box delivered to Perth, for all other areas contact us for delivery costs.
  2. All animals are first grade, hormone free, export quality.
  3. Animals are live, purged and packaged in polystyrene eskies with ice replacement gel packs.
  4. If kept refrigerated, marron can last up to 2 weeks in these eskies before consumption.                       
  5. We require 1 week to process all orders to allow for catching and purging of animals ready for delivery.
  6. Minimum order for blue marron is ten of the smallest size or $100 of blue marron.
  7. Wholesale enquiries welcome.
  8. Packaging and freight can easily be arranged. Delivery in Australia within 2 days to your door. 
  9. International orders by arrangement.  Currently exporting to Asia with a 3 day turnaround from farm door to customers door.
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