Harvesting - Draining Down On The Farm

If you have ever wondered how we get marron from the pond to the plate here is the answer.  Most weekends during the colder months you will find us out in the ponds playing in the water!! 
Basically each pond is set up like your bathtub.  That is they all have a ‘plug’ that when we need to drain we pull out.  This is usually done around 12 hours prior to the drain down.
 So that we can control when the last of the water is removed from the pond, we replace the regular pipe (plug) with a similar one which has large holes in the top 2/3’s of the pipe and the water drains down.  Then approx 1-2 hours prior to drain down this second pipe is replaced with a wire mesh cage that allows remaining water to drain out without the marron going down the drain.

Then the fun begins.  Most of the marron will have moved to the drain hole area and will be picked up from here. Overall the whole time taken from the time the water is totally drained till the marron are removed is around 45 minutes – 1 hour.  During this time they have been taken as quickly as possible to clean water so that they are not out of the water and stressed any more than necessary.  
Then once the animals have all been collected they are transported up to the purging tanks where they are sorted into the various sizes and placed in aerated tanks for the next 2 days prior to them being packed and sent out.

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